Re-Wrting Your Entire Draft Is Hard….


So, I’m re-writing my entire first draft from scratch, and I hate it. I feel like part Takano and part Ritsu as I’m writing.

sekai-ichi-hatsukoi-full-411983If you don’t know who these two are, I’m not surpised if you’re not an anime, manga, or even..dare I say it…yaoi fan.

Yes, I fully admit to liking yaoi, which got me into reading gay erotic novels…

10481997_652412108184270_5622343190792635853_oIt’s that dirty little secret that try to keep under wraps, but husband found out and he just shakes his head at it. Seriously, he’s doing it right now. I would record him but I made a pact with him that I would keep him out of my otaku-ness as much as possible.

Now, if you’ve gotten curious about Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi, I would recommend it…if you’re not too vanilla about relationships. In actuality, this relationship between two men could work. In fact, the writer has it so that even if the second protagonist was female, it would be still the same parallel relationship. I talk about this in another post about characterizaiton. Right now, I want to get back on track about revising my entire work.

So I’ve been spending time either on my Ipad working on my fanfiction and also re-writing my manuscript. Believe it or not, I actually get the manuscript chapter done before I write my fanficiton chapters. It’s sort of a reward for myself when I get some things done. However, this is what I’ve been going through working with this:


To top it al off, I still have the first manuscript that I could possibly read over to get ideas, but then that makes me angirer. Have any of you ever read you frist draft? Now the writing process in school used to look like this:


If you went to school in the United States, you probably remember this in elementary school. It’s still similar, but it’s more condensed to this:


or this:

Welcome to the nightmare of taking English or Lit classes in college. I look at this to wonder if I was an outiner, or a pantser. I think I’m more in the latter. Part of this has something to do with the aforementioned classes in college, and don’t forget the stupid papers you had to write in high school in MLA or APA format.

So, in short, I’m in revision hell. Is anybody else out there dealing wit h this?





What I Learned Writing Fanfiction


Ok, so if you you haven’t guessed from the title, I write fan fiction.

(Yes, cue the lack of me being what they call ‘a real writer’ here.)

The two most recent I’m working on right now is Star Vs. The Forces of Evil and Undertale. These are not the most thought-provoking adult material…well, Undertale could be interpreted that way, but I’m interested in these two series. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil brings out my love of shojo/ magical girl and Daron Nefcey making fun of it.

Undertale…is like Doctor Who for me, just a guilty pleasure. Toby Fox really outshines himself with taking something like Mother (Earthbound) and expanding on that lore and other J-RPGs that involve kids in dangerous, adult-like situations. Yes, it sounds somewhat horrible, but don’t many of us love drama?

Why do I write fan fiction?

  1. It’s great practice. If you have ever read fan fan fiction reviews, you can gauge just what readers like and don’t like. Now, that only appeals to the genre you’re writing, but fans know when you’re writing too far out of character.
  2. It’s fun. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there where one show has royally pissed us off and we wanted to change the ending (*cough, cough* Breaking Bad), so why not have fun with it?
  3. Fan fiction reviewers are some of the biggest critics you’ll read on a post. Yes, don’t think about editors and big time editors that will someday read your draft and possibly throw it in the trash. No, you should be thinking about the reviewers that post to your stories. You know why? The same people that follow you on the fan fiction trail are probably the same people that will read you work.

Now, what I’ve learned from fan fiction is patience. You can post all you want and not get a single follower. This means waiting up all night for that one review that you hope will be a great review.


So, where does this come in when it comes to fiction writing? Well, once you get that one review, it catches on. If you have ever gone to or Wattpad, you start to notice stars or comments. It only takes one vote to catch on, and you’re off. The problem is…the waiting game.

I first started writing a Star vs. fan fiction back in March, and I only had 2 followers. Now, I’ve got 12. Not something to write home about, but something to think about  My other fan fiction is Undertale, and it’s starting to take off as well.

So, when trying to write your draft, think about writing fan fiction if you have time as practice and a way to gather an audience.

If anybody here wants to give my fan fiction a spin, check me out on: shindouga1

Wattapad: shindougal

~L.C. Clements


I’m Not Dead…


I’m not dead, far from it. So guess what? I went to my first Writer’s Conference! It was fun!

IMG_0019Judy Ferrell is awesome! She was one of the most down to earth writers I have ever met…not that I’ve met many. Her workshop was great and I like her personality.

Oh wait…forgot to say…

I went to the 2015 Philadelphia Writer’s Conference! It was June 12th, and I’m getting to it…July 12th.

Funny story…I live in Delaware County, PA. After getting back and planning to do this…a tornado happened. A tornado never happens around here. We get weak hurricanes and bad storms, but never tornadoes!

Then…our contract with Verizon comes up and my husband decides to cut it early to not pay a bill. Needless to say…I wasn’t happy… So, I got to work on my book in my notepad….but there was no internet, no electricity, no cell phone. All the towers were down…

Then, I get back to work, and then mandatory overtime kicks in. Sure, 5 hours seems like nothing but trust me…it adds up. Then, before you know it, time has passed, hours are increased from 5 to 10…and then you feel like you’re stuck in an endless cycle. 
So, I’m not dead, just dead tired by the weekend to post anything. I’m coming back soon…