Sailor Moon Crystal…and it’s many Writing flaws…


So,  I’ve been taking time off of my blog to work on my manuscript. So, in the course of two weeks, I first caught a cold, and then cracked my toe so now I’m stuck with a boot.


It gives me time to also catch up on my Sailor Moon Crystal, which is sad.

Let me explain. Growing up, I loved Sailor Moon, I had the manga, the dolls, the DVDs, etc., but watching it close to 30, I start to see things differently. I mean, I do love the artwork. It’s actually very similar to the manga.


It’s beautiful to see Princess Serenity in her original form as Naoko Takeuchi had originally intended, but sometimes, this beauty can be jarring. The color scheme actually reminds me of No Game No Life. Though, unlike Sailor Moon, No Game No Life is built around action.


It’s not ugly, it’s just slightly jarring because I’m waiting for something to blow up or some huge monster to come out of the shadows.

Despite all of my complaining, there are something that I do like about the series:


  1. There is a more modern feel to the series. Everybody knows how to use a laptop, and there are cell phones present. sailor-moon-crystal-2-11
  2. All the side arcs from the original series are removed, such as Allen and Ann. 248403033I mean, they weren’t awful, but they seemed slightly out of place. I thought they were cute, but I thought their arc dragged along a bit much. And, the Dark Talent Arc was not included, thank goodness. They were…meh…
  3. The senshi are given more action scenes when doing an attack. inner_senshi_attack_gif_by_princess_tiffany-d81ae6m
  4. Mamoru Chiba is a high school student instead of a college student. I don’t know about you, but when I found out after reading the manga that Mamoru was in college at the time, it kind of bothered me. sailor_moon_crystal_03_mamoru_chiba_school_idThough, the age of consent in Japan is 13, so I can’t be too…I’m sorry, that just grosses me out.

But, for everything I just talk about there a few things that keep it from reaching its full potential. It may have something to do with  the fact that I’m an African-American, with an emphasis on American, but I try to be a bit open minded about different cultures but some things just annoy me.

  1. The men in the series end up being complete jerks, or they’re useless. Now, I will give credit that Mamoru does more than stand around, and he’s a bit more than a sperm donor, but there are times I wish that he would stand up to his future wife and daughter when they whine. a737771c83edf4253f26ee7068a25897
  2. Usagi’s parents never ask where she’s been and, there’s no mention of any other relatives for the other senshi. Japanese teens go to school 6 days a week and I’m trying to figure out how they’re not failing. Then again, the manga makes it clear that they study for exams, where there’s absence fo that. b927984899c841f7223ed0efa4e4be64
  3. Usagi should be more mature than what she is. The manga series sees Usagi maturing over time, but the anime still has a tendency for Usagi to whine a lot. What used to be comedy to me seems to be annoying, especially when it comes to Usagi and Chibi-Usa fighting. maxresdefaultBesides the fact that it makes Usagi feel like she’s 14, this is her daughter fighting for her future-husband’s affection is just..ugh.. Again, this has something to do with the fact that I’m older, so those negative facts dig into the back of my head.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sailor Moon, it just that some things mess with my head a bit. I just wish sometimes that Magical Girl genre could appeal better to a mature audience. Then again, Josei is the other series for older women.

The other thing is, if Sailor Moon, manga or anime could get better, there would be some things I would re-write:

  1. Less dependency on Mamoru. He’s a great guy, it’s just that with her whining, it takes away from her development into a beautiful queen.
  2. Have the characters actually study and show that there’s more than flashy colors and twirling. Girls who are brainy are valued too, and the better grades in Japan, the more likely you are to get into a good college or a great job. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, for all of its flaws, did show some good futures for the senshi, including Ami become a doctor for a British Hospital.
  3. The future needs to be changed. All fans know that Usagi becomes the Queen of Earth, gets rid of all diseases, and people live over a thousand years. But, all evil is to be rid of from Earth. The problem is, though, it seems like free will taken from the planet. That may be the crux of the fact that there was no free will, so the planet became boring.

So, that’s the feel of the Sailor Moon Crystal. The entire Sailor Moon Series will always be in my heart, but there are just a few flaws that are apparent to me.

What about you?
Have you noticed anything about Sailor Moon Crystal that is become a somewhat glaring problem?

~L.C. Clements



2 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal…and it’s many Writing flaws…

  1. Sailor Moon definitely suffers from all the writing flaws you have pointed out, but having grown up with the original even though I’ll acknowledge the flaws I still think it’s awesome. Loved the poster about number of days since Mamoru was last kidnapped etc.

    • I will always love Sailor Moon, I just notice that I’ve been screaming at the computer screen sometimes. The most recent was me yelling that Chibi-Usa shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets alone. She’s 9! I’m aware that she’s actually 900, but she’s still a child.

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