What I Learned Writing Fanfiction


Ok, so if you you haven’t guessed from the title, I write fan fiction.

(Yes, cue the lack of me being what they call ‘a real writer’ here.)

The two most recent I’m working on right now is Star Vs. The Forces of Evil and Undertale. These are not the most thought-provoking adult material…well, Undertale could be interpreted that way, but I’m interested in these two series. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil brings out my love of shojo/ magical girl and Daron Nefcey making fun of it.

Undertale…is like Doctor Who for me, just a guilty pleasure. Toby Fox really outshines himself with taking something like Mother (Earthbound) and expanding on that lore and other J-RPGs that involve kids in dangerous, adult-like situations. Yes, it sounds somewhat horrible, but don’t many of us love drama?

Why do I write fan fiction?

  1. It’s great practice. If you have ever read fan fan fiction reviews, you can gauge just what readers like and don’t like. Now, that only appeals to the genre you’re writing, but fans know when you’re writing too far out of character.
  2. It’s fun. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there where one show has royally pissed us off and we wanted to change the ending (*cough, cough* Breaking Bad), so why not have fun with it?
  3. Fan fiction reviewers are some of the biggest critics you’ll read on a post. Yes, don’t think about editors and big time editors that will someday read your draft and possibly throw it in the trash. No, you should be thinking about the reviewers that post to your stories. You know why? The same people that follow you on the fan fiction trail are probably the same people that will read you work.

Now, what I’ve learned from fan fiction is patience. You can post all you want and not get a single follower. This means waiting up all night for that one review that you hope will be a great review.


So, where does this come in when it comes to fiction writing? Well, once you get that one review, it catches on. If you have ever gone to fanficiton.net or Wattpad, you start to notice stars or comments. It only takes one vote to catch on, and you’re off. The problem is…the waiting game.

I first started writing a Star vs. fan fiction back in March, and I only had 2 followers. Now, I’ve got 12. Not something to write home about, but something to think about  My other fan fiction is Undertale, and it’s starting to take off as well.

So, when trying to write your draft, think about writing fan fiction if you have time as practice and a way to gather an audience.

If anybody here wants to give my fan fiction a spin, check me out on:

Fanfiction.net: shindouga1

Wattapad: shindougal

~L.C. Clements



The Writer’s Conference 2016


I just got back from the Philadelphia’s Writer’s Conference and I love every moment of it! I made friends, I learned more than writing books…and I learned that even though I write fanfiction, my regular manuscript is still good!  Speaking of manuscript….


I ended up starting over the whole damn thing. So, when I submitted it, it was a second draft of a story that I ended up re-writing form the beginning and freaking out about how bad my plot was (see above).

So, this is supposed to be about the writer’s conference, right? Well…this is my second time going, and you know what I found out? Editors are not robots. Yeah…go figure, I wish knew that before in my first year.


They don’t hide out in a big spaceship and tell people how much they suck at their writing. Nope, they’re people like you and me. In fact, they often go out of their way to help you. One editor I met, (I won’t mention his name because he’s a newspaper editor and I don’t want his name to be out there without his permission) wore a suit and was very direct on the first day, but was complete opposite on the second day. He told me it was Saturday and he wasn’t required to wear a suit. Huh..go figure, just like most days when they make us dress up even though it’s a call center.

Anyway, if you didn’t go the Philadelphia’s Writer’s Conference in Philly, you should go next year. It was really fun this year, considering that this was the first time I entered part of a manuscript…and I was completely out of my mind about it.


But, it was okay! I got my draft back with a crapload of grammatical errors. Which, I expected because part of this I write at work on a notebook and go home, type of the paper really quickly and go back to sleep.

All in all, good times! By the way, I’m back on my blogging grind! I’ll post in a few days after recuperating from my writer’s block and Undertale having Asgore beat the crap out of me. If you haven’t listened to this soundtrack do so…Toby Fox, you have given me musical inspiration!

Closing out with the song that’s haunting me from Agore beating me up: