I’m Not Dead…


I’m not dead, far from it. So guess what? I went to my first Writer’s Conference! It was fun!

IMG_0019Judy Ferrell is awesome! She was one of the most down to earth writers I have ever met…not that I’ve met many. Her workshop was great and I like her personality.

Oh wait…forgot to say…

I went to the 2015 Philadelphia Writer’s Conference! It was June 12th, and I’m getting to it…July 12th.

Funny story…I live in Delaware County, PA. After getting back and planning to do this…a tornado happened. A tornado never happens around here. We get weak hurricanes and bad storms, but never tornadoes!

Then…our contract with Verizon comes up and my husband decides to cut it early to not pay a bill. Needless to say…I wasn’t happy… So, I got to work on my book in my notepad….but there was no internet, no electricity, no cell phone. All the towers were down…

Then, I get back to work, and then mandatory overtime kicks in. Sure, 5 hours seems like nothing but trust me…it adds up. Then, before you know it, time has passed, hours are increased from 5 to 10…and then you feel like you’re stuck in an endless cycle. 
So, I’m not dead, just dead tired by the weekend to post anything. I’m coming back soon…


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