Where I’ve Been For the Past 13 Months…


Yes, I’m back…with news and my exhaustion trying to take over my eyes. Started working full time August 8th, and I’m still there. I work for the state of Pennsylvania as a wage employee, and soon to be a state employee. So, I’ve been working 40 hours a week and ready to hit the bed every time I get home.

Which makes me way too tired to even work on my book, let alone a blog. However, with the recent increase in pay, I don’t need to do as much overtime anymore,which gives me more breathing space for blogging and writing.

So now that I’ve gotten the where I’ve been out of the way, there’s some news….

My book will now be written in a notebook instead of on my macbook. Why? It’s way too distracting, and it’s easier for me to put my iPod Touch in my ear and write into a notebook. I also moved, so there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts near my house…it’s diagonally across the street so I can just sit in there and write…after I order something before the employees kick me out.

New post will be up soon but as of right now *yawn*. I’m going to bed…